Joe Chehock is a UX Product Designer living in Silicon Valley.
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About Me

Designer + Artist + Creative Consultant


A little about me

I am a hybrid UX and visual designer with over 15 years of professional experience in creative industries.  My recent work has focused on distinctive design for large consumer sites and enterprise applications with an emphasis on mobile, tablet, and web.  My background encompasses a broad range of areas including; art direction, UX, UI, interaction, multimedia, motion and technical training.  A seasoned visual communicator, I’m adept at managing the creative process and articulating ideas in interactive and technical environments. My clients will agree, I am knowledgeable, professional, and highly driven.

Leveraging my knowledge of industry trends and best practices, I’ll help your creative team define the vision and strategy of your next product.  As a proven software trainer I am fluent in the industry’s suite of creative tools, and have held lectures on design culture and trends at various universities and organizations in the US and Asia.  I hold a BFA in Interface Design and demonstrate a solid background in traditional art and illustration. I currently work and live in Silicon Valley, CA.

Designer + Artist + Creative Consultant

Joe Chehock


User experience design is at the heart of every interaction. As designers we must embrace technology, appreciate current trends, and stay steps ahead of the evolving flywheel that is our creative industry. We’re tech innovators, disruptors, and explorers, constantly seeking new methods to delight, engage, and communicate.


I see the world through a creative lens – and I constantly strive to push my personal envelope in imaginative ways.  I’m working on several silkscreen projects at the moment, finishing a painting, and try to draw every day.  Inspiration can be found everywhere, why not capture it?

Creative Consultant

I enjoy the creative process, iterating on ideas, practicing design thinking, learning about my users, and crafting thoughtful experiences.  If you need help with that next big idea, product or service, or just want to chat about UX, drop me a line.  Looking forward to hearing from you soon!