eBay Vehicle Selling
Joe Chehock is a UX Product Designer living in Silicon Valley.
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eBay Vehicle Selling

Lead UX Designer

The existing eBay consumer selling experience for vehicles is an arduous 6-step process built on an outdated framework. It’s only available on desktop and does not offer detailed guidance or support for our mobile users.  Vehicle sellers using the current platform tend to spend over 1 hour listing a vehicle – need I say more!


Our project goals encompassed 3 key areas:

  • Position eBay as the #1 market resource for vehicle selling by optimizing SEO and allowing sellers to start their listings outside of sign-in on desktop, tablet, or mobile web.
  • Increase listing completion by creating a simple approach to vehicle selling that allows customers to quickly list their vehicle on desktop and mobile web.
  • Migrate sellers from our outdated classic listing experience to the new simple listing form for desktop and mweb – this required support for a new photo upload experience along with 20+ required fields specific to motor vehicles. The flow would also support boats, motorcycles, and power-sports.


The new vertical configuration experience allows sellers to enter the flow pre-sign on via Google, SEO, or via search on site. All entry-points support pre-populated entry and catalog selection via search query, enabling the seller to fast-track into the simplified listing form. The flow leverages user metrics and popularity algorithms to surface the most relevant content for each market. Touch-points and visual ques support the clean, visual engaging UI. Future enhancements include integration with our “What it’s Worth” engine, and price guidance for certain markets.

A secondary UX goal was to make listing easier by increasing catalog adoption of vehicles through the new vertical flow. Connecting to our robust motor vehicle catalog, we were able to map vehicle specifics, prefill data, and greatly reduce the amount of time and user load required to complete a vehicle listing. With over 280+ vehicle makes, we worked with our data metrics partners to surface popularity and several other variables, thus reducing decision options and choice-load.

The standardized listing form was still overly complicated, and contained several sections that were only useful to a small percentage of our vehicle sellers. To reduce cognitive load, and speed up completion time, we introduced pre-filled sections based on user metrics, patterns, and analytic data. Our research laid the plans to implement these algorithms across our other vertical listing forms on our 2016 roadmap. Additionally, we re-examined help content and guidance, providing sellers with new reference images where required, and fresh concise content that matched our tone and voice.


  • The existing Classic Listing Form’s 5-step process and outdated design.


  • The new Simple Listing Form.  Left image shows reduced view with automated fill options.  Right image shows all fields expanded.

Several months ahead of us the C2C Selling Team launched a vertical configuration flow for cell phones. The existing research and testing conducted by my colleague and her partners, as well as her foundational interaction concepts, were instrumental to our success throughout the planning and design phase for vehicle selling.

We launched the new simplified listing form in Q4 of 2015. The new vertical selling experience, supporting pre-sign on, enhanced SEO benefits, and a clean touch-friendly UI across devices is planned to launch Q1 of 2016. The vertical experience supports cars and trucks, with support for motorcycles, ATV’s, boats, airplanes, and trailers in the updated simple listing form. Rollout and localization included US, CA, CAFR, DE, AU and UK.


Lead Designer

UX, UI, Interaction, & Visual Design