eBay Motors Consumer Selling for Parts & Accessories
Joe Chehock is a UX Product Designer living in Silicon Valley.
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eBay Motors Consumer Selling
for Parts & Accessories

Lead UX Designer

eBay Motors drives a large portion of eBay’s GMV, averaging 6 million per day with annual totals of 13 billion worldwide (over 3 times as much as top verticals such as consumer electronics and fashion).  The goal of this project was to increase fitment adoption across our top 4 markets by encouraging vehicle novices to add parts compatibility to their listings. C2C sellers were using our outdated classic listing experience, which did not offer full functionality and was only available on desktop.  We needed to migrate sellers to our new mobile friendly quick-listing form with intent to sunset the classic experience in early 2016. A robust yet simple UI was required, one that supported multiple fitment data and allowed sellers to add large numbers of compatible vehicles to their listings, quickly and easily.

User Story

A C2C Seller wants to sell some extra parts from his 1966 Ford Mustang project car. The seller knows the part fits his Mustang as well as several other Ford Models from 1960-1970. They should be able to easily add compatible vehicles to the listing so buyers are easily able to locate the part in eBays marketplace.

Vehicle Novice

I’m a first time or occasional seller and not too savvy when it comes to different vehicle makes and models. I sell spare parts when I have time.

Vehicle Enthusiast or Collector

I’m a vehicle hobbyist and have a great deal of knowledge around specific types of vehicles. I buy and sell often and enjoy using eBay to upgrade and restore my vehicles.

Vehicle Entrepreneurial Seller

I consider myself a dedicated vehicle enthusiast. I’m very familiar with the automotive industry and have an extensive knowledge of vehicle makes, models, and years. I consider selling on eBay a part-time job.


The experience was localized and catered to the unique requirements of the US, UK, DE and AU markets.  We performed usability studies in the US and Germany. Participants were assigned three flows on desktop and mobile. Using RITE (Rapid Iterative Testing & Evaluation) methods, prototypes were improved after Round 1 and Round 2. For each flow, participants were given a part to sell and asked to list the item, “thinking aloud.” While on task, participants’ interactions were observed and their verbal feedback was noted, including pain-points, delighters, motivations and natural habits.

The feature supports four tracks, including:

  • Manual fitment for multiple vehicles (up to 3,000 total vehicles)
  • VIN character recognition + decoding (supporting VRM in UK and HSN/TSN in DE markets)
  • Adding fitment through eBay My Vehicles (implicit or explicit support)
  • Catalog fitment from our robust motor vehicle catalog (1981-present)

Working closely with our Engineering and Quality Assurance teams in Bangalore we successfully launched the desktop and tablet-web experience in Fall 2015 with great results; banking an immediate lift in fitment adoption across our top 3 markets, US, DE, and UK.  The final design encompassed over 70 unique screens across core and an additional 50+ for the mweb flows.  The experience required unique barcode and character recognition tools (the first of it’s kind on mobile web) to support VRM in the UK and HSN/TSN in Germany, in addition to German localization. Overall the tool supported for over 42,000 vehicles across our top 4 markets. Below you’ll find selected examples of the Manual fitment and VIN character recognition flows.


Lead Designer

UX, UI, Interaction, & Visual Design